Traveling means experience. Experiences mean memories. There are thousands of ways that you can gather memories to your life.      But there is a one which takes the front line of the list. It is the taste of your foods. Ripon Grand Hill shows different and unique color of Nuwara Eliya food culture. Our crew has specialized for providing the most suitable dishes to our guests. There are many reasons for this signature.

We believe that any process should have the flexibility to satisfy the service receiver. Ripon Grand Hills’s crew have practiced that to totally adjust your food requirement based on your right intention. We are specialized in South Indian, North Indian, Gain Foods, Root Vegetable Menus, Children Menus, Set Menus with four courses and so on.

The most important thing is the chance you will receive to discuss with our chef about your food arrangement. Even if it is an early decision, you can just come and discuss with our chefs about your taste. That’s how we keep benches for our guests to have exactly what they want. Another cool and unique experience of Ripon Grand Hill is the LIVE KITCHEN experience. We have totally opened the view of our kitchen to our guests. You can enjoy the way our chefs move things to prepare your foods in the live kitchen.

Above all, The Ripon Grand Hill is the one and only place where you receive totally fresh Vegetables, Fruits and Meat at Nuwara Eliya.      The reason is Ripon Grand Hill culture.

Enjoy your journey..!