Start to think, Just think.. Fly through your memories. Touching your fascinating moments, Watch, all the old stories, Live with them, feel them. Are you still feeling as something missing in your life? Then that might be NuwaraEliya. Yes, We are in the central of the world, at the central of the Indian ocean and at the central of this awesome island, The Sri Lanka.

That was not just a line of beautiful words. Those are the true emotions which will definitely hug you when reach to this heavenly land. Nuwareliya is one of a most amazing place you must experience. Here in Ripon Grand Hill, our crew has wonderful experience of providing world class facilities as a close relation with all our guests.

Let’s move into the story. You can find your dream vacation destination “Ripon Grand Hill” quite easily with your google map. We located around 0.8 km from the famous Gregory Lake. The good news is the Victoria park is just 600 meters away from your Ripon Grand Hill.

We are an experienced crew with world class facilities. There are hundreds of places in Nuwareliya which you can stay. But there is only one place in Nuwraeliya which you can collect and share most amazing customer service experience in your life. That is Ripon Grand Hill.

Move your eyes each corner of this website and be cool to contact us to get most friendly and clear directions of your next booking.